Monumental Studios has proudly partnered with HUB Entertainment: Creative solutions for a creative industry

Whether you make movies or television shows, produce concerts, plays or other events, we know that protecting your business requires a deep understanding of the unique practices and risks of your industry. We speak your language, know the urgency of your needs and have the experience and resources to respond quickly with solutions. And we can work with you to manage costs while creating risk management and insurance plans for your continued success.

Monumental Studios and HUB have helped insure productions such as:

and more…

At HUB Entertainment our capabilities include expertise in:

Film productions ($1 million to $400 million budgets)
Television productions (episodic, reality, movies, etc.)
Documentary, industrial/commercial and educational productions
New media (digital content and online networks)
Advertising agency production.  

In addition to production insurance, we also consult on:

Intellectual property protection
Clearance and copyright issues
High-risk stunts, pyrotechnics and cast issues
Foreign location requirements
Aerial and drone shoots
Set and location safety

At Monumental Studios we can work with your production team and HUB brokers to find quick, affordable and specialized insurance quotes.